Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Parent Toolkit by Education Nation

Finding good parenting resources to explain the CCSS or the academic development of kids can be difficult. However, I came across a fantastic resource that will help clarify for parents what students should be doing and appropriate ways to support their child. Some parents that I talk to have no idea about the changes in the education system and often expect school to be similar or exactly the same as when they were in school. The system of education in America is undergoing many changes that parents should be aware of. I came across the wonderful tool called the Parent Toolkit produced by NBC News: Education Nation and sponsored by Pearson. The website is user-friendly and contains important information to assist parents in understanding learning goals and overall development of their students. It also can help prepare parents for middle and high school with the expectations around parent/teacher conferences and overall academic standards. I suggest that parents take a look at not only where your student is right now, but where he/she is expected to go.

The website is: www.parenttoolkit.com

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